Have you noticed there’s a plethora of free blog sites all with different names? This is great news for all you bloggers out there, except that unfortunately. ..they’re all owned by one large greedy company…Google! What’s even worse is that to create an account with these sites, you must have a “Google” account as they don’t recognise any other email addies!

I wasted an inordinate amount of time with at least four or five of these sites only to find they belonged to Google!!! I also had a hassle trying to set them up and failed miserably, due for the most part to Google’s paranoid, over the top snoopy, nosy need for every scrap of info that they can wring out of you.

It used to be that loads of popular sites were just happy to have visitors. they all want to know everything, indeed too much about you including when you took your last dump! 

I am of course being vulgarly facetious but it’s gotten to the ludicrous stage with these companies who will happily steal your personal data and then hawk it around for corporate gain….without your permission of course and without you getting a penny!

They’re all at it bar a small percentage of honest companies. Where’s the freedom of choice and the competition if Giant Google owns every blog mechanism around??? I for one am not happy about the situation.  Anyone else feel the same? Let me know if you do.